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Best Cyber Monday phone deals (2020)

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Best Cyber Monday phone deals (2020)
Black Friday? Cyber Monday? Those days are gone! Before we start thinking about them again, we have to go through another major shopping day first: Amazon Prime Day 2021. Amazon might have made it up but that doesn't matter much, as long as the deals are real, and they usually are. It will come before you know it, and we'll be ready with our articles highlighting the best deals you can take advantage of.


Cyber Monday 2020 is now here and despite the difficult year, the event is in full effect as always, featuring plenty of tempting tech deals you can take advantage of right now. All of the big online stores are running campaigns: Cyber Monday deals are active on Amazon, and here are Cyber Monday discounts at Walmart. And right here, we've cherry-picked the best Cyber Monday phone deals for you.

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Cyber Monday sales on Samsung phones 

Samsung Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra

The Samsung Cyber Monday deals have started and you can save quite a bit with the offers below, which encompass some of Samsung's top phones from the Galaxy S and Note lines.

Don't forget to click on the More Offers buttons to reveal deals from additional stores!

Samsung Galaxy S20
$899 99 $999 99 Expired
$999 99 Expired
$749 99 $999 99 Expired
$790 $999 99 Expired
$649 99 $999 99 Expired
$999 99 $999 99 Expired
Samsung Galaxy S20+
$1049 99 $1199 99 Expired
$949 99 $1199 99 Expired
$949 99 $1199 99 Expired
$679 99 $1199 99 Expired
$799 99 $1199 99 Expired
$799 99 $1199 99 Expired
$1199 99 $1199 99 Expired
Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
$1149 99 $1399 99 Buy at Samsung View price Buy at Amazon
$1149 99 $1399 99 Expired
$1149 99 $1399 99 Expired
$949 99 $1399 99 Expired
$1399 99 $1399 99 Expired
$1399 99 $1399 99 Expired

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, Galaxy Note 20, and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

If you want to own a piece of the future, there's the Galaxy Z Fold2. Believe it or not, stores are shaving a bit off the price of Samsung's insane foldable, so this might as well be the best time to pick one up... if you're feeling adventurous.

Meanwhile, for more down-to-earth consumers, there are some sweet discounts you can score right now with the latest Galaxy Notes, to the tune of about $200-300.
Samsung Galaxy Note 20
$849 99 $999 99 Expired
$699 99 $999 99 Expired
$749 99 $999 99 Expired
$749 99 Expired
$799 $999 99 Expired
$999 99 $999 99 Expired
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
$1149 99 $1299 99 Expired
$999 99 $1299 99 Expired
$1049 99 $1299 99 Expired
$1099 $1299 99 Expired
$1049 99 $1299 99 Expired
$1299 99 $1299 99 Expired

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Apple iPhone discounts for Cyber Monday

The new iPhone 12 series is officially here in its full glory and all four models are available for purchase. At the moment prices of these premium devices are discounted practically everywhere. You can get each and every iPhone 12 model, both unlocked and with a subscription with various deals. Check the list below for details.

Apple’s last year flagship iPhone 11 series, sporting the fast and capable A13 Bionic chip and awesome camera systems, are still great if you’re looking into upgrading, even in 2020. Now that the new generation is here, prices of the iPhone 11 series are going down. If the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max float your boat better, Verizon is offering a $350 discount online and up to $850 off when you trade in an old phone and activate a new line. You can also pick up the devices from AT&T, Best Buy, Target, or even renewed at Amazon.

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Cyber Monday discounts on Google Pixel phones

You can buy the Pixel 5 on Verizon and skim up to $550 off its $699 price with a suitable trade-in. Another option is to get the Pixel 5 for $29.16/month with a two-year contract. There's the AT&T option as well - you can get the Pixel 5 for $15/mo (for 30 months) with a new line or an upgrade. That'll score you the Pixel 5 for $450, $274.99 down from the listed price of $724.99.
Google Pixel 5
$450 $724 99 Expired
$599 $699 Expired
$699 99 Expired
$649 Expired
$649 $699 Expired

If you fancy the Pixel 4a, BestBuy is your place one more time. The retailer offers its usual $50 discount and in this case it's one of the best options on an already very affordable phone. Considering the retail price of $349, $50 off starts to look like a substantial saving. Of course, there's always the option to get the phone with the plan and save even more, so check out the carriers section too.

The Google Pixel 4a 5G is something of a rarity right now. AT&T is now stocking the new Pixel 4a 5G with a fresh deal on the device. New and existing customers can get the phone for just $10/mo (for 30 months) a new unlimited plan. The Verizon-exclusive mmWave version of the Google Pixel 4a 5G can be yours for $599 but there are several ways to bring this price down. You can trade-in your old phone and get up to $250 off.

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Motorola Cyber Monday deals

If you want to really stand out from the rest of the smartphone crowd you need a foldable phone. The Motorola Razr 5G reincarnates the iconic flip phone design and takes it to the modern age, where flexible screens are the latest tech hype. If the Razr is too fancy for you, Motorola has a wide variety of models enjoying Black Friday prices right now.

Cyber Monday deals on Sony phones

You can still have something unique without going the foldable route, though. The Sony Xperia lineup has gone 21:9 since the Xperia 1 official launch, giving these devices a different look and feel to other smartphones. There's a fantastic deal on the ultra-premium flagship that started the 21:9 trend - the Sony Xperia 1

Sony Xperia 1 II 4K OLED display, Dolby Atmos audio

Buy at Amazon

Sony Xperia 1 - 6.5" 4K HDR OLED CinemaWide Display, 128GB - Black - (US Warranty)


Cyber Monday deals on LG phones

The online space is starting to boil with great deals on LG phones, despite phones from the Korean manufacturer being a rarity lately. Of course, the one everyone talks about right now is the LG Wing and there are already some deals on this unique device via the major carriers. LG has most of its phones on sale right now, so be sure to check out the list below.

OnePlus Cyber Monday sales

Most places seem to have run out of OnePlus stock, but you can still grab the lucrative OnePlus 8 Pro deal on Amazon, with the pretty decent discount of $200.

OnePlus 8 Pro - unlocked

$749 99
$999 99

OnePlus 8 Pro - 256 GB, Ultramarine Blue, 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S Version

Buy at Amazon

OnePlus 7T 8GB RAM + 128GB Memory, GSM 4G LTE Unlocked for AT&T T-Mobile, Single Sim, US Model (Renewed)

$369 99
$599 99

OnePlus 8 Glacial Green/Interstellar Glow/Onyx Black


OnePlus 8T 5G, 256GB, Unlocked, Aquamarine Green

$719 99


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