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Best iPhone deals on Black Friday 2020

Best iPhone deals on Black Friday 2020
This article will be updated regularly as new Black Friday iPhone deals become available

Black Friday 2020 – expected to be the biggest shopping event of the entire year – is almost upon us. This year, Black Friday is on November 27, a day after Thanksgiving, but retailers and carriers will be celebrating in the days and weeks leading up to it. In fact, the Best Buy Black Friday deals are already live. Black Friday Sales on Amazon have also been available for some time. 

Apple iPhone 12 (eligible trade-in required)

Buy at AT&T

Apple iPhone 12 Pro (eligible trade-in required)

Buy at Target

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

Buy at Walmart

Apple iPhone 11 (eligible trade-in required)

Buy at AT&T

Apple iPhone XR (switch to Verizon required)

Buy at Verizon

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (upgrade & trade-in required)

Buy at Sam's Club

All sorts of items will be on offer next month including a range of smartphones on sale for Black Friday. There should even be some discounts on iPhones among all the Apple Black Friday deals, so we’ve created a list of the best iPhone deals available now and the ones we expect this coming Black Friday 2020. And stay tuned for our extensive coverage if you're interested in Black Friday sales on Apple Watch, discounts on iPad, and deals on the Apple AirPods.

Black Friday deals on iPhones:

Will the iPhone 12 be on sale for Black Friday?

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the latest iPhones so you shouldn’t expect many outright discounts for Black Friday. But that doesn’t mean retailers and carriers won’t have any special iPhone 12 deals.

Best Buy, for example, is offering discounts of up to $200 across the entire iPhone 12 series which can be combined with additional carrier discounts. Verizon and T-Mobile/Sprint buyers stand to save up to $440, whereas AT&T customers can benefit from an incredible $900 discount. 

If purchasing directly from a carrier is more your style, this AT&T Black Friday offer will give you up to $700 off with a new line or upgrade and an eligible trade-in. Verizon's Black Friday deal also offers a $700 discount with a trade-in and new line, but only offers $440 off for those of you that upgrade. 

Sam's Club is even more generous with the iPhone 12 devices. Members can receive $50 in bill credits by upgrading, and an additional $700 when they trade-in an eligible smartphone. 

Elsewhere, Black Friday at Walmart is always a massive event. The retailer is giving buyers the opportunity to save up to $900 on the iPhone 12 series with a qualified trade-in and activation. 

Lastly, the Target Black Friday sale offers customers $700 off when you trade in to a new line or upgrade on an eligible unlimited plan. Additionally, those of you that port to AT&T stand to save an extra $250 on certain models. 

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone SE (2020) deals on Black Friday

The iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020) may sit on opposite ends of Apple's iPhone spectrum, but both should be available with decent discounts over the Black Friday period. 

Those of you looking to pick up an iPhone directly from a carrier should check out AT&T. It has a great deal that gives you up to $300 in bill credits applied in equal amounts over 30 monthly payments. That’s equal to half the price of a 64GB iPhone 11, although it can also be applied to the 128GB and 256GB models. As a nice little bonus, AT&T will take a further $5/month off the total, or $150, with an eligible trade-in. 

An even better offer can be found at AT&T. It has  the device for just $150 spread over 30 monthly instalments, but will throw in a $250 bill credit for AT&T buyers.

If the iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max are more your style, Verizon might be the one for you. It's offering a $350 discount online and up to $550 off when you trade in an old phone and activate a new line. You can also pick up the devices from AT&T with up to $700 off.

Best Buy sells the devices too, and Amazon has them both renewed. However, the best deal of all is arguably Target's. It includes a $700 discount with an eligible trade-in and a $350 gift card with a qualified activation. For AT&T buyers, an additional $250 in bill credits is included.

As an alternative, AT&T sells the iPhone SE (2020) for free with an Unlimited plan and eligible trade-in. Walmart, on the other hand, is being generous with a $100 discount on Straight Talk and Total Wireless.

Best Black Friday 2020 iPhone XR and iPhone XS offers

The iPhone XR and iPhone XS are now a couple of years old, so you should expect even more generous discounts.

Walmart and Sam's Club offer $50 and $60 discounts respectively. However, Verizon will give its customers an even larger $379 discount. AT&T, on the other hand, offers $700 off with an eligible trade-in, which essentially means the iPhone XR is free. 

Of course, if you prefer to buy the device from other retailers or even refurbished via Amazon, there are options too.

As for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, both models are available with hefty discounts if refurbished models don't bother you. But if you prefer a new device, AT&T is once again providing customers with a $700 price reduction if they select the iPhone XS and trade in. 

Perhaps an even better option is Target. The iPhone XS can be picked up with a $700 discount and $250 in bill credits when porting to AT&T. The iPhone XS Max, on the other hand, is also available with the $250 bill credits. 


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