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The best iPhone 12 Pro Max deals

The best iPhone 12 Pro Max deals
The iPhone 12 Pro Max - Apple's largest ever phone - is up for preorder like the smallest iPhone 12 mini, bringing an updated design that brings back memories to the iPhone 4 era. Aside from the great new exterior, the iPhone 12 series come along with greatly improved cameras, probably the fastest smartphone chipset, and the widest and most complete 5G support on any phone. 

Those who are not entirely satisfied with 5.4"-6.1" iPhones would definitely want to go for the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Not only does it have the biggest iPhone screen ever, but its camera sensor is the largest Apple has ever put in a phone, too.

What are the best deals on the iPhone 12 Pro Max? Once the preorders started rolling, more and more retailers revealed their own incentives for Apple's newest phones. Moreover, there are some iPhone 12 Pro Max Black Friday discounts as well, albeit mainly with carrier plans attached.

Free iPhone 12 Pro Max deal on Verizon

When it comes to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, users will be able to get Apple's behemoth for $27.45/month after a trade-in (iPhone 8 and up) and activating the device on a Verizon Unlimited plan while new customers can get the phone for $22.87 a month for 24 months with the same terms.

Getting an iPhone 12 Pro Max on Verizon could get you some real nice bonuses:

  • Get an iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Pro on Verizon when you switch, start a new service, or add a new line combined with the purchase of an iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Pro. Both lines must be on a Get More Unlimited plan.
  • Starting November 6, customers will have the option to purchase an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max on a new 30-month Verizon Device Payment plan. This is available in addition to the 24-month option.
  • Apple Music, with over 70 million songs, thousands of playlists, daily selections from the world’s best music experts, the groundbreaking Apple Music radio, and innovative features like time-synced lyrics, is currently included, at no additional cost, in Get More Unlimited. And for those choosing Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited or Start Unlimited, you can still get six months of Apple Music free.
  • Up to $440 off the iPhone 12 Pro Max with an upgrade.
  • Up to $350 off the iPhone 12 Pro Max when you trade-in an eligible phone and pick the Select Unlimited plan.
  • Free Verizon Stream TV promo code when you add a 4G or 5G phone to your cart and activate any of the Unlimited plans. 
  • Moreover, buying the iPhone 12 Pro Max will save you $150 on an iPad or $100 off an Apple Watch, so that's something to consider.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max - preorder BOGO. New line, monthly payments and eligible plan required.


AT&T iPhone 12 Pro Max deals

Just like the iPhone 12 Pro deals, you can currently save up to $700 on the iPhone 12 Pro Max with an eligible (iPhone 8 and up) trade-in and activating an eligible AT&T Unlimited plan. Thus, subs are able to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max for just $399 ($13.30 a month for 30 months), while the iPhone 12 Pro is available for $299 ($10 per month for 30 months).

Monthly price reflects net monthly payment, after application of AT&T trade-in credit up to $700 applied over 30 months after trade-in of eligible smartphone with minimum $95 trade-in value. 

Requires upgrade of an existing line (or activation of a new line in stores) and purchase of a new iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, or iPhone 12 Pro Max on a qualifying 30-month 0 percent APR installment plan.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max - up to $700 off with trade


The best iPhone 12 Pro Max and plan deal goes to T-Mobile

  • Get two iPhone 12 Pro Maxs’ with 2 new lines of unlimited 5G data for just $100/month with trade-in, for up to $950 off each device.
  • Get up to half off the iPhone 12 Pro Max (up to $550 off) with a trade-in.
  • Plus, eligible customers (business customers, too!) who have been with T-Mobile, including Sprint, for 5+ years can get a $200 rebate on any new iPhone when they trade or turn in any active iPhone on an eligible plan. This can be combined with the half off deal for a savings of up to $750!

    Just the Essentials plan deals alone is worth the switch to a new T-Mobile line. With it, T-Mobile customers can get an iPhone 12 Pro Max for just $5/month w/trade-in and a new line. This means they can get two iPhone Pro Maxs and two lines for just $100/month on Essentials. They’d have to pay $120/month just for the rate plan alone at AT&T and Verizon.

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